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Fully package Kiosks and Podiums allow the SmartXcan to be set up and ready to scan in moments. Portable design is self-powered and portable to move to your location.

Set up in minutes – scans in seconds – over 1000 points of thermal inner eye canthus measurements – as a medical standard for accuracy.

SmartXcan Kiosks offer LED indicators, and external security devices are also available to ensure building safety and security officers compliance in the workplace.

ADA compliant and sizes to accommodate all heights available as well.

SmartXcan self-powered kiosk and podiums styles available!

SmartXcan Kiosk
SmartXcan Kiosk and Podium is a self-powered portable station that can be set up in minutes for accurate fast temperature scanning of people.

Corporate campus and large enterprise are ensuring public safety by performing accurate body temperature measurements. The LED indicator top allows for quick go-or-seek-medical attention checks. The SmartXcan can process up to 700 people an hour – ideal for larger groups entering public building lobbies. Offering additional features such as tablet holders and speaker for messaging, we offer a variety of formats.

Early identification is critical both from a public safety and a social responsibility aspect.

Temperature checks offer a measure to assist keeping people safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ensuring colleagues, employees, workers and students are identified quickly, safely and accurately, is precisely what the SmartXcan is designed to do.

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