SmartXcan with RFID KMS-TI-FS-B-RFID

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MultiSensor SmartXcan for body temperature measurement

  • Integrated sensors: 
  • Contactless measurement in 0.6 seconds
  • DSGVO compliant operation possible
  • RFID Legic, MiFare, included -integration
  • up to 700 persons per hour
  • Email – SNMP Alarm – Rest API
  • Power over Ethernet



DSGVO-Compliant Operation Possible, Through Self Measurement
High Precision Measurement, Over 1,000 Measuring Points
Manipulation Protection. Thermal Image Analysis
Contactless Body Temperature Measurement, No Contact Contamination
Self-Explanatory User Guidance Through Intelligent Sensor Technology
Simple And Flexible Mounting
Live Control Via Web Browser For Doormen
Automatic Control Of Doors Or Turnstiles
High Throughput, Up To 700 Persons/Hour
Early Detection Of Regionally Emerging Fever Hotspots
Plug & Play Installation Through PoE Connection
Fast Measurement In Less Than 1 Second


Fever Detection with RFID access control

Our SmartXcan  version with integrated RFID reader (Mifare DESFire) is used to activate and assign the measurement to individuals. The individual record is created in the user administration with an RFID token.

Each measurement is then actively started by holding the RFID token in front of them.

Measurements can then be reported with assignment to that individual.

The report can be sent by e-mail, SNMP or Web-Hook. Temperature measurements can also be viewed in the SmartXcan logbook. User administration can also be carried out via LDAP or Active Directory.

This provides for accurate fever detection and RFID tagging to integrate to door access control systems.

Legic, Mifare and existing protocols are easily added.


SmartXcan w/RFID

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