SmartXcan-RFID-Temp measurement with Smart access- KMS-TI-RFID


MultiSensor SmartXcan for body temperature measurement

  • Integrated sensors: 
  • Contactless measurement in 0.6 seconds
  • privacy compliance 
  • RFID Legic, MiFare, included -integration
  • up to 700 persons per hour
  • Email – SNMP Alarm – Rest API
  • Power over Ethernet

Privacy-Compliant Operation Possible,  Self Measurement
Highly Accurate Measurement, Over 1,000 Measuring Points
Contactless Body Temperature Measurement, No Contact Contamination
Self-Explanatory User Guidance Through Intelligent Sensor Technology
Live Control Via Web Browser For Doormen
Automatic Control Of Doors Or Turnstiles
High Throughput, Up To 700 Persons/Hour
Early Detection Of Regionally Emerging Fever Hotspots
Plug & Play Installation Through PoE Connection


Temperature Measurements with Smart Access Control

SmartXcan with integrated RFID reader (Mifare DESFire) is used to activate and assign the measurement to individuals. The individual record is created in the user administration with an RFID token.

Set for Privacy of information many applications require the recording and tracking of  history with credentials  for operational safety.

Measurements are captured by swiping RFID token. Because SmartXcan RFID is web based we save costs by using your existing system credentials. Mifare, Legic, or whichever system you use, we can integrate the SmartXcan for enhanced security and building safety.

SmartXcan measurements can be reported with assignment to individuals. As data is recorded overtime, e-mails to medical providers may also be sent. Reports can be sent by e-mail, SNMP or Web-Hook. Temperature measurements can also be viewed in the SmartXcan logbook. IT Safety and Security officers can easily set up system parameters via  LDAP or Active Directory.

SmartXcan provides for accurate fever detection and RFID tagging to integrate to door access control systems.


  •     Door Control- deny entrance while assisting  in seeking medical attention
  •     Turnstile Control- check large groups, assist in public safety
  •     Gate control- manage access control remotely

SmartXcan w/RFID

Weight2 lbs
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