Wireless SmartMeter


ZigBee PowerMeter for securing a stable power supply

  • Power consumption (kWh)
  • Power (A), voltage (V)
  • Frequency (Hz)
  • Output (W, VA, kVar)
  • Effect factor, supply-phase fault
  • Simple IP network integration


IP Power Monitoring ingeniously easy – with the wireless Kentix SmartMeters

Wireless extension meter for easy integration of consumers into the IT infrastructure or engineering rooms. Ideal for measuring rack PDU, UPS, climate systems or technical sites in the building. The meter fits on any standard DIN rail in the electric distribution or is ready for connection and therefore directly applicable as a so-called InlineMeter. A big advantage of the wireless technology is that in case of power failure, one last message is sent to the PowerManager immediately. Therefore, power and phase failures are monitored ideally. The meter is also perfectly suitable for large colocation data centers with hundreds of racks. Due to the ZigBee radio technology, a stable wireless network is established without complex wiring.

Overview of Functions

  • Full SNMP MIB for the integration into Network Monitoring systems
  • Alarming per e-mail (SSL) or SNMP trap

One System – Many Applications

  • Data centers
  • Measuring single racks (A+B)
  • Customer billing colocation
  • Network monitoring
  • Technology distributors
  • PUE measuring

Content of Delivery

  • SmartMeter
  • Gain Magnet Antenna

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Technische Daten

Connectivity Kentix PowerMeter
Radio frequency ZigBee® 2,4GHz; ISM Band +3dBm; output IEEE8 02.15.4; encryption AES 128 Bit, antenna connection SMA
Number of wireless meters Up to 32
Power supply 1/3 x 230/400V (neutral) +/-10%
Current measurement 60A per phase
Power cosnsumption 1.5W
Measurement accuracy < 2 %
Resolution 1W
Frequency measurement 45 – 65Hz, 0.01Hz
Measured values Voltage (U), power (I), apparent power (S), effective power (P), reactive power (Q), effect factor, consumption (kWh)
LED Signal, teach-in signalization
Clamps Screw terminals, diameter 5.5 mm (up to 16 mm2)
Housing DIN rail mounting, 4TE, protection class IP20, 71 x 97 x 70 mm; color: RAL7035
Environmental conditions Temperature -10°C up to 50°C, humidity 5-95%, non-condensing
Delivery content SmartMeter, Gain Magnet Antenna
Audits CE

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