XpedITe – Data Center Infrastructure Management- DCIM 2.0 and Beyond

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Next Generation DCIM

Alternate E Source XpedITe DCIM
Alternate E Source XpedITe DCIM

Accurate data for capacity analysis within your IT infrastructure and service Real-time alerts for power, environmental conditions, changes and predictive trends Pinpoints all network routes and port connections for accurate work orders optimum provisioning to provide accurate work orders Automated Discovery & Data Import Active & Dynamic Rack Layout Analytics, Reports & Dashboard Ticketing System & Work Orders
Tracking all networked components – physical location, configuration and connectivity
Real-time understanding of energy performance across the entire data center

Easy to use GUI and relevant reports for the whole business operations Work order database
integrated with your Active Directory or help desk software Capacity Management API Integration Business Process (Policies & Regulations) Predictive Impact Analysis Real time capacity management and visualization of all assets and utilization metrics integrates with all systems that run the data center operations – CRM, BMS, ERP Consistency in adhering to
compliance standards from ISO to security monitoring collects and analyses the real-time health, power, and thermals.

The only system that integrates infrastructure with networks in one platform. With full visibility our software can support your whole business in commercial and operational decision making. It can help you improve your top line, through better delivery of SLAs and improve your bottom line with proactive functionality.

XpedITe – DCIM 2.0 and beyond

Data Center Infrastructure Management

   Integration, Customization, and Automation


XpedITe is the only system in the market which gives our clients a solution that connects infrastructure
and network in one platform, while fully automating and optimizing its daily operation. In fact, no other
provider can fully integrate your physical facilities with your IT infrastructure. XpedITe provides 100%
real time, accurate data to empower your whole team to collaborate and achieve your commercial goals.
Deployed in several verticals throughout the world, XpedITe helps our clients to seamlessly
unite their infrastructure, network, assets and resources under a single easy-to-monitor and easy-to-control management system.


“Since the introduction of our new software, we have been able to focus on the important aspects of the job. Prior to this we spent far too much time trying to ensure the documentation and data were accurate.
Our new system allows us to provide a better service to our client and improve uptime due to increased knowledge and information that is in our control.”

Vice President, Technology Infrastructure Financial


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