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  • MultiSensor-LAN

    Network enabled IT monitoring and data logging with just one device. Offers remote threat detection thermals, vibration, motion, smoke fire. Includes Live Video alerting on any event and documents in event log. Ideal as a stand alone monitor for small infrastructure!

    • Integrated sensors: 8
    • Monitored threats: up to 19
    • Stand alone – Web server
    • E-mail – SNMP alarm
    • Room monitoring
    • Power over Ethernet

    LAN / PoE

    $570.00 Select options
  • Smart Sensor Pro Set-Complete Starter Kit

    Smart Sensor Pro Set offers a “smart sensor system” that easily expands. Smart sensor kit is a ready to deploy for small infrastructure.

    Full monitoring solution for distributed IT rooms, remote locations, colocation facilities. Offers real time alerting and status with Video integration, and text messages for local response. Using SNMP reporting provides continuous monitoring and trending over time. 

    • Includes KAM Pro Alarm Manager Hub, KMS-RF wireless, and MINI sensor
    • Expandable up to 500 Multi-Sensors and IP Cameras can be added
    • Monitored threats: up to 37
    • Web server – App – Cloud
    • SMS – E-mail – SNMP
    • Up to 1000 alarm receivers
    • Room monitoring up to 300 feet/expandable
    • Add a Leakage Sensor for remote areas to assist in unexpected weather events


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