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  • New Smart Sensor Multi-Sensor TI


    Overview of functions for Risk mitigation-Risk management Remote facilities

    • Integrated-Sensors: 8
    • 4-factor early fire detection
    • PoE or external power supply possible
    • Full SNMP-V2 MIB support
    • Alerting by e-mail (TLS) or SNMP trap

    Thermal Imaging for hotspot alerting in real time, differential pressure, improved smoke/fire detection , people counter and more. This “sentry device’ is the next best thing to being there.


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  • Dust-Dirt Sensor-Smart Sensor alerts on contamination in Network-IT rooms

    The Smart Dust -Dirt Sensor detects levels of contamination in server racks, under raised floors, and distributed equipment rooms.  Remote from anywhere makes this device is ideal for harsh environments. Designed to monitor levels of debris levels in real-time, provides risk mitigation of equipment failures over time.  The ADCCP   provides compliance to  standards for server room cleanliness and this smart sensor assists in overall compliance, at the equipment level.

    Because contamination is a silent factor-get real time info- before servers and network are compromised


    Uses an optical lens with adjustable resolution. Alerting can be delivered with live camera view and results in ” eyes on first”. Having remote alerting with a view can save valuable equipment from having any problems and ensures uptime, and that operations and processes run smooth.

    Detects Construction Debris, Filings, Dust, Cardboard , Rubber , and other materials; offers quick live video feed addition.  Because of continuous monitoring, it is the ultimate sensor for remote areas affected by dust and debris. Know what is happening at server and equipment level when processes are located in distributed warehouse areas, or locations that can not be accessed. The dirt sensor  provides an easy way to remotely  manage valuable assets and processes,  compliant operations  and uptime.

    Saving costs by eliminating downtime from simple dirt and debris adds incredible value to this sensor device.



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