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Opening again – updated February 2022

The idea of Ground Hog Day seems appropriate on the repeat of school closures and event cancelations as we are still in the midst of COVID and now its variants. It has required acceptance that the very way we view public health and safety, and “building health’ has changed for good.

The team at Alternate E Source is providing the latest in smart sensor technology to assist safety and compliance. With the fast accurate scanning of body fever with SmartXcan technology, we have assisted corporate safety for hundreds of people during the last 2 years.

“Should we close again?”  is a topic that is discussed daily, and with strides in vaccinations, and new COVID medicines, we are still requiring Public Safety measures in new ways.

The Air We Breathe

With the ability to offer IoT support in continuous environmental monitoring, new perspectives in air quality monitoring, with real time alerting offers advanced Air Quality notifications, and strictly

following US AQI standards.

Sensor devices that work on the data collection of ” before- during and- after” implementations prove compliance of Air Purification systems and/or upgrading HVAC systems. Utilizing sensors that check air, and differential pressure along with thermal hotspots provides quick immediate resolution and confirmation, systems are in peak performance.

Ensuring air that is free of viruses, containments, and toxins allows us all to be smarter about our work environments and enjoy a better healthier climate.


    Emissions from buildings and construction are a substantial source of air pollution in New York City. We need to ensure buildings are operating in ways to support our quality of life.


Contact us to learn more about leveraging smart technologies that work 7x24x365 to assist in better health and public safety measures.

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