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Re-Opening now – updated November 2020

Have we made progress with reopening. It is November 16th and discussions this morning are

“should we close again?”  We re working to assist with COVID measures in new ways, and are working to provide the latest in smart sensor technology to assist safety and compliance .

We will update on any further statements form  New York State .

Re-Opening New York – Phase 1

As a New York State business we have been discussing what reopening would look like.

As a supplier of the SmartXcan fever detection system, we have been working non-stop to assist others in

that mission; and in compliance with public safety and building safety. In speaking with one of my colleagues, Peter Petronzi, we all agree to measured steps.

My feeling is that we are in the midst of coming out of this Global Pandemic , albeit very slowly, and in measured steps .  The reality is that the “Genie is out of the bottle ” and Post Corona Virus “business as usual will never again be business as usual” A case in point would be the millions of square feet of office space in NYC ( or any city for that matter ). The physical buildings will remain but how they will be utilized going forward will not ( and cannot) be the same.  With a myriad of issues and risks involved in going “Back to the office ” we will need to figure how how to best utilize the space .

Our “back to office” plan provides for a Temp scan upon entering the lobby, and continuation of wearing Masks and Gloves. It is with utmost respect of others that we follow CDC and New York State guidelines-

Please see the complete instructions here and we will update further.

Thank you for assisting in keeping all safe. Please see download or view the PDF below:

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