Server Rack Monitoring for optimum performance

   The Kentix KMS-Rack offers surveillance and monitoring

   of all risks in the IT rack with  integrated PDU and power analysis     AC Sine Wave  capture

Kentix KMS Rack
Kentix KMS Rack


The Kentix KMS rack provides for voltage analysis Sags, Swells, and provides for monitoring of peak conditions.
We provide a  Real time chart for analysis. Monitoring power conditions of equipment at the rack level ensures that critical equipment is running , and historical review of data offers trends and  real-time consumption

values offer the ability to better manage the operational performance of servers and switches at the rack level.

In addition- early detection of any critical risks in the IT-rack  itself. Vibration, oscillation

destroy servers overtime. Temp, Humidity and Dew point are also monitored and graphed, offering complete  and simple thermal management ,  with instant alerting on any deviation from  an optimum environment. Immediate smoke, CO2 and Fire detection. At the rack, where incorrect wiring or component failures can cause catastrophic events.   Thermal graphs

Lastly protection as in the physical securing of the server rack mitigates any sabotage and/or vandalism to        secured racks .

Built in web server delivers information and alerts to where you chose- The Kentix KMS Rack can be    deployed as a stand alone , or added to an extended Kentix system  The functionality of an all in one sensor    system

The Functionality of an All-in-one sensor system with PDU, LAN connection and build-in Web server., makes this device a invaluable tool.

From stand-alone application with e-mail alerts, or in conjunction with a network monitoring system via SNMP , system expansion  and connection to Kentix AlarmManager-PRO   allows for easy expansion and add on devices such as leakage sensors, and IP cameras for remote view. Kentix system jack ( 2 included on each KMS rack)  for external alarms  or door-contacts .

Power measurements include:  Voltage (V), current (A), power (W), consumption (kWh), active power

kms-rack_consumption-dayProtocols HTTP, FTP, DNS, DHCP, NTP, ESMTP (SSL), SNMP V1/2

Messaging – Data E-Mail (ESMTP) with authentification, up to 5 recipients

SNMP V2 Traps (thresholds, coldstart, login)
SNMP SET/GET, read/write of measurement values (MIB download)

Allow communication with network monitoring software and others.

Voltage analysis Sag-detection (Flicker), swell-detection, peak-detection (4 kHz sampling)  all with graphical visualization.

Data recording of power, consumption in 15 minute resolution  Real-time power recording (current, voltage, peak, alarms)

Contact us  @KentixUS for additional information, and a closer look into actual customer applications of our products.




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