We offer full assistance in design considering security, efficiency, and your particular requirements.

Deployment of smart devices can provide insights to remote equipment areas and critical facilities. Because our services include development of a roadmap we offer strategic cost savings. We provide commissioning and installation, or can support your own teams to be successful in better remote management, and operational data collection for future preventative measures.

 1) Consider and identify areas of concern

2) Select the devices to deploy

3) Email us for your selection; we will confirm topology and device list for order

4) Immediate installation after receipt of devices

Download or view the Kentix Product Catalog to pick and deploy smart sensors for your application


Whatever your application critical alerting can be sent with live video feed to know in an instant when you are breached.

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Maximum Protection with Minimum Effort

IP Keypad

Security featured door access – The Kentix IP Key Pad offers effective protection against unauthorized access. Each door in the system can be connected to an IP camera that records a sequence of pictures each time the door is unlocked or tampered with. Assembling the RFID door openers is very easy and can be done without special tools. Can be added to existing access systems. Allows for remote control of doors easily and only with authorized access. Continuous monitoring is always included to capture events at any time.  

The Kentix Starter set is a smart sensor kit ready to deploy. Order a Starter and add devices to manage remote sites and facilities as a scalable choice where extra security and continuous view of operations is needed.

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