Smart Sensor for Critical Facilities and Remote Risk Management-

Intelligent Sensors offer the probability of a fire in your critical rooms.

Smart Sensor for Compliance, Risk Mitigation and

Remote Support of Critical Operations


KMS-TI from Alternate E Source

The new “smart sensor” device KMS-TI combines multiple sensors for use in and around critical infrastructure and equipment rooms. The device becomes the eyes, ears, nose, and parameters beyond- to do a live check and report status all the time, any time. For this reason it becomes a” remote sentry”.

Risk Management In Real Time. Risk Mitigation, All The Time.


Featuring Enhanced Security, Compliance, Reporting

Live Video feed integration – Repurpose existing IP cameras, to provide the ability to view remote facilities at any time.

Most important, all critical alerts are sent with live video feed.

While utilizing smart devices in remote facilities the devices can communicate to existing NOC team to provide unique insights and trend analysis. The ability to tie in existing cameras is easy to support, provided they allow a trigger and some other general features.  We support pre configuration in advance for installation convenience and can also provide these devices in a managed service approach.

The ability to have eyes on in an instant prevents equipment loss and allows for quick response.

Environmental Monitoring  – Temperature, Humidity, and Dewpoint are continuously monitored including Air Quality (VOC) it also has an early warning system. EPA Air Quality volatile-organic-compounds  

Climate conditions are shown as thermal graphs and are also retained by the system. It provides  tremendous assistance in assessing preventative maintenance, and can be used for alerting  HVAC maintenance vendors  in an auto fashion.

Thermals Alternate E SourceSmart monitoring of machines – Hotspot detection on equipment allows for instant threat awareness and malfunctions. With the added thermal imaging function we can spot dangerous battery runaway or UPS issues quickly. Having a second set of eyes that provide thermal management can alert and resolve problems in real time.

Four Factor Smoke/Fire – Early detection and probability calculation of a smolder, in 4 parts: thermal, active “sniffing”, true temperature-fire sensitivity, air quality (VOCs), Carbon Monoxide. Never suffer from “secret server smoke” you know it real-time. At the same time, capture before during and after events.

Differential Pressure – Trend over time, detect inefficiency real time. Use data collected for the purpose of future decisions. In a Data Center understanding air flows can be an effective way of reducing operational costs. If there is an unbalance the smart sensor alerts in real time for immediate resolution.

Thermal Imaging – Continuous thermal imaging looks at it all. Hot aisle, cold aisle, equipment process, servers, utilities; including people. Simultaneously it has ability to detect an individual’s temperature and man down alert.

From the utility perspective, hot spots for power generation rooms, and arc flash potential -this is a crucial device .

smart sensor Thermal image
smart sensor thermal imaging Alternate E Source

Messaging – Https (any browser) Email, SMS text messaging, Open API web-based dashboard collects all     sentries in one place. Laptop, remote server, mobile device, determine who responds.

Because this latest device can accurately detect the difference between real and static objects, it enhances security.  The onboard resolution of 1024 pixels and 2 available viewing angles (40 and 90 degree) provide coverage for areas sized 1.5 ft to 160 ft (0.5 to 50 meters). Due to the use of high quality germanium glass optics a low noise measurement over 20 ft (6M) is ensured.

The new smart sensor provides the next best thing to being there.


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