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Smart Sensor KMS-TI – People Counting 


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Smart Counting

How many people are currently in a room?
Are the legal requirements exceeded?
Do all persons keep minimum distances?

Whether in retail, office buildings, public authorities or sports and event facilities – every company has to deal with these questions in the current situation.


Ensure compliance with Building safety and Public safety guidelines by keeping track of how many people are in the room.  Because we combined our Smart Sensors technology with accurate Thermal Imaging we can count persons, direction of movement, even a “man down emergency”. And let you know in realtime to your phone, tablet, or operations team.       Counting People

The Kentix “Smart Sensor”-TI detects several people simultaneously, including direction of movement. Distance between persons can also be monitored, thanks to the integrated thermal sensor and intelligent software.

The smart sensor is simply mounted over doors and connected to the network via network cable. Always active to send an alert – this smart sensor assists in maintaining a safe workplace. Several Kentix TI sensors can be easily networked, so that inputs and outputs can be monitored and adjusted. One smart sensor takes over the management role as a central smart unit and provides the information via interfaces (Web-GUI, API, Mail, SNMP).

Web interface also provides an easy way to display directly such as a Smart-TV, Digital Signage Display, or a Video Screen. The Kentix Multi-Sensor TI assists in compliance and always helps mitigate risks.

The video below offers a great overview


Further information about People Counting with the MultiSensor-TI can be found here: Smart Sensor KMS-TI

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