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Live Video Stream with Critical Alerts -Real time remote views

Have eyes on the problem as soon as an event occurs.

Essential for quick assessment of critical conditions in remote installations, live video recording and transmitting system alerts with all information in one message.

360° Smart Building Security from a Single Source

Enhanced Security with Smart Door Access and Live Video Monitoring

At Alternate E Source, our cutting-edge Smart Sensor systems are designed to enhance operational efficiency and provide robust risk mitigation through advanced technology integration. By implementing smart sensors, businesses can significantly reduce costs, simplify remote management, and drive efficiencies with straightforward automation.

Our sophisticated door access systems are equipped with the capability to trigger live video recording with every door event, whether it’s an opening or closing action. This feature ensures that every entry and exit is captured in real time, providing a comprehensive log of all activities. The system supports an unlimited number of user profiles, allowing for customizable access permissions based on the time of day, level of authorization, and other criteria.

Real-Time Alerts and Video Feeds for Immediate Response

Live video feeds are integral to our smart building sensors, enabling immediate visual verification of physical breaches. This functionality is critical for preventing downtime and managing risk events effectively. In the event of an incident, the system not only alerts you in real-time but also provides a live video feed directly to your device, ensuring you can make informed decisions swiftly.

Our IP-based system seamlessly integrates with network cameras to record and transmit video continuously. This ensures that all footage is part of the system logs, available for real-time or later review. In critical situations, images captured before and after an event can be merged, stored, and transmitted, enhancing the ability to respond proactively to potential threats or emergencies.

Integrated Monitoring for Physical Threshold Breaches

In addition to security monitoring, our Smart Sensor systems are adept at detecting and responding to environmental anomalies such as temperature fluctuations and leakages. These sensors can be set to specific thresholds that, when breached, trigger automatic video recording and alerting. This feature is essential for industries where environmental control is critical, such as data centers, laboratories, and manufacturing facilities.

For example, if the temperature in a server room exceeds safe operational levels, our system not only triggers an alarm but also starts recording live video. This enables immediate visual inspection of the area, helping to quickly ascertain the cause of the temperature rise—be it equipment failure, ventilation issues, or unauthorized access. Similarly, in case of liquid detection, the system can instantly alert maintenance personnel while providing live footage of the affected area, thus speeding up the response time and potentially preventing significant damage.

Comprehensive Solution for Risk Mitigation

Our smart sensor systems deliver more than just security. They provide a complete solution that combines measurement data with visual evidence, all accessible through a web-based interface. This integration facilitates enhanced risk mitigation, allowing you to have “eyes on” the situation as soon as it occurs. Whether it’s for critical conditions in remote installations or everyday security, our systems ensure that you are fully informed and equipped to handle any situation without compromise.

eyes ears and nose alert with video

Application possibilities:

  • IT engineering rooms

  • Remote technology stations

  • Critical production areas

  • Remote storage facilities

  • Depots and warehouses


  • Medical Storage-Pharmaceuticals
  • Agriculture and Grow Rooms

Enhanced Documentation and Compliance with Video-Enabled Alerts

The ability to record events as they happen greatly aids in compliance and documentation processes. Each video clip is timestamped and logged with corresponding sensor data, providing a comprehensive record that can be invaluable during audits or reviews. This level of documentation is crucial for maintaining compliance with industry regulations and standards, which often require detailed records of how environmental anomalies are handled.

Moreover, these integrated video and sensor alerts can be configured to send notifications directly to smartphones or central monitoring stations, ensuring that responsible personnel are informed instantly, no matter where they are. This not only enhances the ability to respond promptly but also integrates seamlessly with mobile management strategies, allowing decision-makers to view incidents and react in real time from anywhere in the world.


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