Remote Live Video Alert

Live Video Stream with Critical Alerts -Real time remote views

Video Alert Alternate E Source

Equipment can fail. Networks can go down. Accept no Compromise

  Smart sensor systems deliver live video in real time

                                   to respond in real time .

Have eyes on the problem as soon as an event occurs. Essential for quick  assessment of critical conditions in remote installations, live video recording and transmitting system alerts with all information in one message.

360° Smart Building Security from a Single Source

Because we need to identify dangers in real-time, Our smart web based system detects dangers early, immediately reports them , and registers both authorized and unauthorized access. Smart Sensors deliver “event-synced” pictures and alarms. A live video recording is triggered with the alarm or event and enables quick “eyes on” assessments of critical conditions, especially in remote or distributed areas. As an end-to-end IP-based system, we directly access the video data from IP network cameras. As a result; these are recorded continuously and becomes part of the system logs. In the event of an incident, images can be merged, stored and transmitted before and after the event. Because in mission critical applications we can not accept compromise.

The advantage? Information in real time from measurement data and image data in one system. The result:

            Enhanced Risk Mitigation through Smart Integration. Instant view sent to your phone when you need to know.

Supported systems:

Application possibilities:

  • IT engineering rooms

  • Remote technology stations

  • Critical production areas

  • Remote storage facilities

  • Depots and warehouses

  • Medical Storage-Pharmaceuticals

Alternate E Source remote view
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