Alternate E Source and PRTG for IT monitoring

Smart Sensors and PRTG Network Monitoring- manage the entire IT infrastructure.

IT infrastructure consists of Hardware, Software and Networking


What are the components of IT infrastructure?
Hardware includes servers, datacenters, personal computers, routers, switches, and other equipment.

The facilities that house, cool, and power a datacenter is included as part of the infrastructure and is integral in operations.

Software refers to the applications used by the business, such as web servers, content management systems, and the OS—like Linux®. The OS is responsible for managing system resources and hardware and makes the connections between software and the physical resources that do the work.

Interconnected network components enable network operations, management, and communication between internal and external systems. The network consists of internet connectivity, network enablement, firewalls and security, as well as hardware like routers, switches, and cables.

Smart Sensor technology provides physical values for your network monitoring.

By design and function Alternate E Source web-based smart sensors are designed to be the health monitor for facilities that contain IT and network equipment.  Air quality, temperature, humidity, and dewpoint all have an effect on electronics and highly performing compute devices.

As power “at the rack” is increasing, and capacity becomes a challenge to manage; having smart sensor devices that track the environmental factors in the room on a continuous basis makes logical sense.

Smart sensors offer seamless integration in existing monitoring-systems. Installation, configuration and maintenance is easy and quick, and provides a significant increase in system availability. Compliance in uptime all the time, mitigating physical interruptions before they become costly.

Placing real-time “fit bits for servers” in a room of multi million dollars of optical network switches and monitoring the electrical support systems of the room, HVAC, UPS, batteries, serves all in charge of operations. Alerting on thresholds, collecting data relentlessly ensures SLAs are met. Analysis of the data collected over time aids in planning expansions and upgrades without risk.

Smart sensors create a mesh network of the physical side of the room- and report on the overall facility and building status easily.

Secure environment, secure network – know it all- IT infrastructure monitoring.


Efficient network and environmental monitoring are essential for fulfilling SLA requirements and for flawless operations. Combining smart sensor technology with Paessler PRTG Network Monitor software offers the ideal solution for the full IT and network Infrastructure. Now we have the ability in ONE effort to manage hardware, software and networking together.

Advantages of the complete solution of Smart Sensor technology and PRTG:

  • Complete IT infrastructure monitoring for all major threats with redundant alarming
  • Minimum effort to configure and maintain.
  • Systems are compatible with each other – smooth integration.
  • Manageable investment – ROI on uptime – connectivity- compliance

Successful outcomes -all the time

Having the knowledge of what is happening on the network side is crucial for clients. The heartbeat of every business is the compute and IT equipment that process all aspects of our digital experience. Going beyond means aggregating the data sets for next level “extraordinary” information. This becomes the differentiator; when we know who is in the room, when we know where network is wanning and straining, when we know how much power we just exhausted – and what we can do to manage it better.

“From my own experience, I can say that Alternate E Source integration of smart sensors and PRTG really do work together smoothly. We have implemented projects for several customers already – with great success.”                                                                                                                                                                                          

PRTG offers complete IT infrastructure monitoring. Ideally, the system detects and reports problems before the user even recognizes them. The values that PRTG reads from servers, routers and other devices in the network are indicated by “sensors”. Each “sensor” in this case, stands for a parameter that is observed by PRTG. The configuration of these sensors – from initially adding them to defining thresholds for alarming – always follows the same pattern.

Live Map Views-Real Time Results
Paessler PRTG has successfully been utilized by many different organizations. Today PRTG software has more capability of integration to assist with managing distributed facilities and additional smart additions, such as metering, security cameras, with extended capability in flexibility and functionality.

The two solutions: web based smart sensor system and PRTG software; offer the ideal extension for each other due to the flexibility of features and options. The advantage is the added value of knowing the external and internal operations of the infrastructure are always being monitored and managed. Whether it is an extension for an existing system, or a completely new build-the cost of investment is low, and the system is scalable. What becomes profitable is the first downtime instance that has been avoided, the first breach that is captured, the collected data to drive efficiency without the risk of noncompliance.

IT infrastructure monitoring –with built in risk mitigation – ingeniously easy.


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