• New SmartXcan fever detection KMS-TI-FS-B

    MultiSensor SmartXcan for body temperature measurement

    • Integrated sensors: 5
    • Contactless measurement in 0.6 seconds
    • DSGVO compliant operation possible
    • up to 700 persons per hour
    • Email – SNMP Alarm – Rest API
    • Power over Ethernet


    Thanks to smart sensor technology, using the SmartScan is self-explanatory and easy. Manual access control for porters, security and police; or auto control of relays to control doors, turnstiles, locks or barriers, with this smart sensor access can open or keep closed automatically.

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  • New Smart Sensor Multi-Sensor TI

    Overview of functions for Risk mitigation-Risk management Remote facilities
    • Integrated-Sensors: 8
    • 4-factor early fire detection
    • PoE or external power supply possible
    • Full SNMP-V2 MIB support
    • Alerting by e-mail (TLS) or SNMP trap

    Thermal Imaging for hotspot alerting in real time, differential pressure, improved smoke/fire detection , people counter and more. This “sentry device’ is the next best thing to being there.

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  • Wireless Inline Meter

    ZigBee PowerMeter for monitoring power supply, directly applicable

    • Power consumption (kWh)
    • Power (A), voltage (V)
    • Frequency (Hz)
    • Output (W, VA, kVar)
    • Effect factor, supply-phase fault
    • Simple IP network integration
    $800.00 Select options
  • Wireless SmartMeter

    ZigBee PowerMeter for securing a stable power supply

    • Power consumption (kWh)
    • Power (A), voltage (V)
    • Frequency (Hz)
    • Output (W, VA, kVar)
    • Effect factor, supply-phase fault
    • Simple IP network integration
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  • Smart Power Meter Power Manager

    Kentix PowerManager – IP Smart Metering with SNMP and more

    • Manages radio- and bus-capable electricity meters
    • Stand-Alone – web server – Cloud
    • Monitors power failure, calculates PUE
    • E-mail – SNMP alarming
    • Simple IP network integration
    • Up to 999 PowerManagers interconnectable

    the best way to bring legacy power systems to network


    the best way to bring legacy power systems to network

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  • IP Keypad

    We  launched our IP Wall Reader as a “smart door controller ” featuring an illuminated touch-pin-pad. Opening doors is only possible with full authorization. because we offer easy IP cameras integration every opening and closing of a door will save live video feed. We offer enhanced security from existing IP cameras in order to increase physical security on the premises.

    Additionally this modular access solution can now easily be connected with a radio- integrated version to one centrally administered system.  Features unlimited profiles, easy to manage remotely.

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  • Alarm Sounder for Kentix Systems

    Scares intruders away:  Our Kentix System Alarm Sounder for indoor or outdoor use

    • Very loud alarming noise 50dB (!)
    • Red flashing LED light
    • Prevention of burglary
    • Protection class IP65
    • Plug’n’Play connection to an AlarmManager or MultiSensor


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  • Leakage Smart Sensor with Rope

    Detects water and liquid leakage at an early stage and continuously with rope style sensor for better coverage . Monitor before, during and after weather and flood events, provides for risk management and instant alerting when detected.  

    • Easy plug and Play Connection to AlarmManager or MultiSensor
    • Enhanced leakage detection
    • Flexible placement
    • 100% waterproof electronics
    • Standard patch cable included
    • Available rope lengths: 20 or 30 feet , customization available

    RJ45 plug and play

    $425.00$550.00 Select options
  • Leakage Sensor

    Reliably and continuously monitors for leakage and detects water and fluid leaks. Connects to AlarmManager or MultiSensor-RF/-LAN easily plug and play .

    Smart leakage sensor provides coverage of critical facilities. Offers real time alerting with video to offer risk mitigation . Provides for before during and after scenario in weather breaches and floods . Easy plug and play connection to an AlarmManager or MultiSensor-LAN


    • Connectable via a standard patch cable
    • Continuously measures conductibility
    • No external power supply required
    • Cascadable up to 5 times


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  • Smart I/O bridge for legacy systems to network

    Smart expansion device for adding digital inputs and outputs form legacy equipment and systems to network . Know equipment status at anytime and alert with video stream for risk management in real time. 

    • 8 digital inputs and 8 outputs (KIO7052) or
    • 16 digital inputs (KIO7053)
    • Integrated web server
    • Power over Ethernet
    • Up to 6 expansion modules connectable to one AlarmManager-PRO

    LAN / PoE

    $535.00 Select options
  • AlarmManager

    The central unit for monitoring, alarming and managing of the Kentix MultiSensors

    • Integrated GSM Modem
    • Monitored threats: up to 19
    • Radio – Ethernet
    • E-Mail (SSL) – SNMP Alarm
    • Up to 100 MultiSensors
    • Web-Server – App –  Cloud

    GSM / RADIO / LAN 

    $740.00$1,090.00 Select options
  • MultiSensor-MINI smart sensor

    Mini-MultiSensor for IT cabinets. Measures climate and detects motion. Adhesive for easy assembly.

    • Integrated sensors: 6
    • Monitored threats: 10
    • Wireless (ZigBee®)
    • Connect to AlarmManager
    • Rack and cabinet
    • Battery powered (lasts up to 4 years)


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  • MultiSensor-MINI smart sensor

    Efficient monitoring in mini format, detects critical climate factors and unauthorized access

    Compact MultiSensor for the detection of open/close and pin point thermal monitoring in IT cabinets

    The MultiSensor-MINI is simply attached on cabinet doors with the help of a door magnet It is operated in connection to an AlarmManager . The measured sensor data is transmitted via radio (ZigBee®) to the AlarmManager. The MultiSensor-MINI replaces classic door contacts and is easily installed thanks to battery operation. The battery lasts up to four years and can be exchanged easily by opening the housing of the sensor in the back.

    Small but powerful: Simply stick it on doors or windows, monitors movement and climate!

    • Integrated sensors: 6
    • Monitored threats: 10
    • Wireless (ZigBee®)
    • Connects to AlarmManager
    • Secures doors and windows
    • Battery powered (lasts up to 4 years)


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  • Elegant Glass Wireless KeyPad-Touch

    Elegant wireless glass Keypad  offers easy REMOTE  arm/disarm alarm functions and logs all that enter and exit in continuous event log. Offers remote management via Mobile App !

    Elegant Glass design, easy installation 

    12 button glass keypad

    • Wireless (ZigBee®)
    • Connects to AlarmManager
    • Integrated RFID reader 13.56MHz
    • Door opening function
    • Battery powered (approx. 2 years)


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  • Sale! MultiSensor-RACKQuick View

    MultiSensor-RACK- Smart -PDU

    Smart Server Rack Monitoring with PDU and voltage analysis. Offers PuE calculations and remote monitoring of server racks. Ideal for stand alone server rack applications. 

          Integrated sensors: 12

    • Monitored threats: up to 25
    • Stand alone – Web server
    • E-Mail – SNMP Alarm
    • Env. and power monitoring
    • 8-way PDU with 2 x 3,600 VA

    LAD / PDU

    $1,175.00 $900.00 Add to cart
  • MultiSensor-RF-Battery

    All-in-one MultiSensor with ZigBee radio for easy networking with AlarmManager

    • Integrated sensors: 9
    • Monitored threats: up to 20
    • Wireless (ZigBee®)
    • Connection to AlarmManager
    • Environmental monitoring
    • Integrated USV


    $455.00 Select options
  • MultiSensor-LAN-RF With Repeater

    MultiSensor-LAN with repeater for easy monitoring of distributed IT-rooms with one AlarmManager, allows for scalability and easy managing of distributed areas 

     This system allows for quick deployment to monitor critical rooms and distributed equipment areas offers live IP Video integration 

    • Integrated sensors: 6
    • Monitored threats: up to 20
    • Wireless – LAN repeater
    • E-mail – SNMP alarm
    • Environmental monitoring
    • Power over Ethernet/NEW battery option !

    LAN / PoE / RADIO

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  • MultiSensor-LAN

    Network enabled IT monitoring and data logging with just one device. Offers remote threat detection thermals, vibration, motion, smoke fire. Includes Live Video alerting on any event and documents in event log.  Ideal as a stand alone monitor for small infrastructure !

    • Integrated sensors: 8
    • Monitored threats: up to 19
    • Stand alone – Web server
    • E-mail – SNMP alarm
    • Room monitoring
    • Power over Ethernet

    LAN / PoE

    $570.00 Select options
  • Smart Sensor Pro Set

    Smart Sensor Pro Set offers a smart sensor system that can easily be expanded. Smart sensor kit is a ready to deploy for small infrastructure.

    Full monitoring solution for distributed IT rooms, remote locations, colocation facilities. Offers real time alerting and status with Video integration, and text messages for local response. Using SNMP reporting provides continuous monitoring and trending over time. 

    • Includes KAM Pro Alarm Manager Hub, KMS-RF wireless, and MINI sensor !
    • Expandable up to 500 Multi-Sensors and IP Cameras can be added
    • Monitored threats: up to 37
    • Web server – App – Cloud
    • SMS – E-mail – SNMP
    • Up to 1000 alarm receivers
    • Room monitoring up to 300 feet /expandable


    $1,750.00 Add to cart
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