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Intro to Smart HVAC – Eco Efficient Systems with an IoT Edge

Our focus was to find and provide holistic full-system integrated designs that organizations and industries can use with existing buildings and in new construction.

To fulfill our promise to provide the healthiest Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) possible, we researched and analyzed performance issues in the latest HVAC components, safety protocols, and government regulations.


Creating the Roadmap to Savings

It always starts with an assessment of the current HVAC system. With our DCEP training and utilizing Department of Energy Auditing toolsets, we have a vetted process to determine the best roadmap.

We follow ASHRAE and the new updated criteria is in action since Feb 2022. The focus on public safety and healthy buildings is required compliance. Local Law 97 in NYC is in effect, and we are working together with building managers and offering assistance with easy to add solutions, that can be taken as a tax incentive.

Our work involves deployment of our sensor network -for continuous real time monitoring, so that we are now receiving active data from the facility. Temperature, Humidity, Dewpoint, Air Quality, Differential pressure placed where people are, in equipment rooms, network and control rooms, the data is live and informative to offer the best compliance and risk mitigation.

A holistic approach is used to see where improvements will be made, not only in efficiency and lowering the carbon footprint, from a perspective of creating an ROI that pays for new “smart additions”.

We incorporate

  • Continuous IAQ monitoring with smart sensors to deliver visibility into real-time and historical air quality metrics Allowing for concurrently optimized HVAC energy consumption with occupant health.
  • Industry-leading particulate filtration efficiency – 99.99% Down to a size of 0.007 microns. Clean-room quality particulate filtration, compatible with any HVAC system
  • Reduced reliance on outdoor air for the purposes of ventilation using sorbent filtration. Reduces impact of poor outdoor air quality Reduces building heating/cooling load
  • Ideal relative humidity levels through supplemental adiabatic humidification. Enhances immune system and reduces airborne pathogen transmission potential, Adiabatic offers fractional cost/lb of delivered humidification compared to other technologies.
  • Optimal HVAC coil health utilizing UVGI coil disinfection technology. Eliminates biofilm and fouling for maintaining optimal heat transfer efficiency. Reduces coil loading for maintaining low fan energy consumption.

Cleaning indoor air in buildings, allows outside air requirements to be reduced by up to 85% using ASHRAE’s Indoor Air Quality Procedure (IAQP). We can deliver annual HVAC energy savings of up to 40%. The reduction of required outside air reduces the load on the HVAC system which enables the downsizing of new HVAC systems and saves energy, reduces carbon emissions, and extends equipment life.

Smart Building Software to Future Proof your Portfolio

The technology additions work together as well as support and supplement the existing HVAC system.

All measures and data are delivered to our Software Platform -this is an orchestration of all information, to deliver what is critical, what is most be acknowledged and what must be addressed in real time, to provide risk mitigation and compliance. It’s the comprehensive gathering of all data in real time to allow for automation and control. The result operational savings, creating an ROI that pays for the enhancements, and upgrades, and delivers a pathogen free, healthy clean environment, that can be simply managed from anywhere.

Our smart building operating system easily integrates all existing and future building systems into a Single Pane of Glass. Additionally, the software managing platform is equipped with tools that empower your management team to proactively maintain your buildings. This helps to reduce equipment downtime, and energy consumption, and increases tenant comfort. It works in harmony with any system. The data collected from all the systems is then centralized on the OS. Further processing is done to apply portfolio-wide standards for naming, visualization, and history. The web and mobile app provide teams with the flexibility they need to support your facilities remotely. We do this by collecting and normalizing data from your building systems and displaying this information on an intuitive user interface.

Send in an email or schedule a call with our team to learn how your existing building and HVAC systems can be improved and enhanced becoming more efficient, healthier, and save operating costs to deliver an ROI.











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