SmartXcan Assists COVID-19 Fight

In response to the global COVID-19 crisis; the IoT-based SmartXcan provides reliable body temperature measurement for healthcare and public institutions.

Why it makes sense? Because our solution is quick and intuitive to operate, and results are reliable and precise.

Measurements are automated and contactless, making it compliant and safe for the user. The SmartXcan is used at point of accessibility to crowds and can be combined with door access solutions.In the short term, the spread of viral diseases can be effectively contained, and monitored.

Fever Measurement with SmartXcan: Safe and FastSmartXcan from Alternate

Fever is by far the most common first diagnosis in the current COVID-19 pandemic as well as with other viral infections and bacterial diseases. Although this is a non-specific symptom, fever is still considered a very useful screening tool. It is crucial for the effectiveness of a fever measurement to be precise and safe in a public venue. The SmartXcan, is intuitive and quick and delivers the best results while keeping information secure.

The SmartXcan fulfills requirements because it is an automated, contactless fever measurement via thermal imaging sensors, there is no contact contamination. More than 1,000 measured values as well as AI algorithms provide a self-optimizing measured value. The analysis ensures clinically tested, reliable results with protection against manipulation of information. The fully automated stand-alone solution does not collect any personal data and is therefore 100% HIPPA compliant.

In addition for the benefit of gatekeepers, security and police, the SmartXcan offered by Alternate E Source; enables direct control of relays, as an example to automatically open, and/or keep doors, turnstiles, locks or barriers closed.

As it has throughput of up to 700 people per hour, the new solution also is appropriate for large crowds. It is the newest in the lineup of Smart Sensors offered by Alternate E Source and will be initially installed and tested in NY/NJ area.

Today COVID-19 and Beyond 

The SmartXcan helps supports nursing and nursing staff. The new technology protects busy staff from infection and at the same time protects scarce resources such as protective clothing and disinfectants. In health care facilities, the smart scan serves to protect residents and employees by controlled entry of non-infected personnel, such as suppliers or caregivers and visitors.

Employees can scan themselves to see if fever is present, and can have advance warning to go seek medical care rather than going to work.

As a result of today’s climate the use of the SmartXcan in schools, kindergartens, in passenger transport, as well as in sports and leisure facilities can help people to return to a healthier everyday life. And there is always the option as it is an IoT Smart Sensor device have all measurements available for AI-supported analysis identify new potential geo-hotspots and to initiate immediate intervention measures.

Product Info:  SmartXcan

Proud of our Innovations  Alternate E Source Announces the Release of New SmartXcan

Alternate E Source offers IoT smart sensors for remote management and risk mitigation.We supply and support Kentix products in the US and have expertise in assisting application and installation of IoT systems and solutions.

Kentix Gmbh Is a quality manufacturer of IoT and Smart Sensor devices in Germany. Together we provide and support the best products for effective remote monitoring, security and Risk Mitigation.

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