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SmartXcan Provides Public Safety to Vaccine Centers with Contactless Assistance

SmartXcan offers fast, contactless assistance keeping medical personnel safe while they provide vaccines

Fast and Contactless Temp Scanning

Throughout the country vaccination centers are being planned and set up with a sense of urgency. Part of the vaccination center concept is a mandatory body temperature measurement at check-in, as febrile people cannot be vaccinated. Because measurement of body temperature in these vaccination centers must be very precise, the SmartXcan is chosen for accuracy. As it offers an automated -without the need for additional medical personnel – scanning, it is easy to manage.

Incomparison the example of movement and inconsistency such as with an example with hand scanners, or temp ‘guns” are never positioned proprly, and only meausre “skin deep”

Temp guns to the forehead, have far-reaching consequences that need be avoided:
• Health risk for people who are feverish when vaccinated
• Infection and loss of specialist staff
• The vaccination center becomes a COVID-19 hotspot

We are using our agency contacts at the state and local level as well as a number partner organizations to provide this smart assistant as the solution for body temperature measurement that is urgently needed in this special situation.

We address todays’s needs

• Fully automated measuring process without the use of specialist staff
• Reduction of infection potential through contact-free measurement
• Exact results-tamper-proof, AI-supported measurement of the inner corner of the eye
• Possibility of documentation and direct processing of the results (considering HIPPA and Privacy)
• In the US delivery and assistance with all levels of deployments


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