Telia International Carrier uses IoT Smart Sensor Monitoring

 Connecting people is the mission of TeliaSonera. The telecommunications provider with roots in Sweden operates in the areas of landline, mobile communications, broadband services and infrastructure. In order to further optimize its own infrastructure, TeliaSonera relies on holistically networked systems, thereby implementing a 360 ° concept. It consists of ambient monitoring, video surveillance and access control solutions om The system warns, e.g. ey about fires, leakage or access by unauthorized persons.

Situation – mixed systems

For internal monitoring of technical locations, TeliaSonera has used many, complicated individual systems for access control, the burglary and fire detection control panel (EMZ / BMZ) and monitoring. Since the components were not fully IP-enabled, a consistent facility network could not be established. In addition, the overall operating, rental and connection costs for the communication were too high. Because system administrators were lacking detailed information about plant conditions and alarms delayed reactions occurred. In case of breaches or failures, this ultimately reduced the quality of service.

Considerations for the new smart system –

  • implementing a consistent IP-capable building and security technology
    • to establish a transparent infrastructure as well
    • establishing vendor-neutral interfaces.

Furthermore, the responsible attached importance to performing remote interventions and services. External services could be reduced to optimize information management.

The important thing- the communication The information should be available worldwide.

Smart MultiSensor system collects environmental data

The decision was made on an integrated security solution from the provider’s own products together with Kentix smart sensors and AXIS IP Cameras and smart door access IP Keypads.

Set to scale  a 360-degree environmental monitoring of the entire infrastructure of the repeater stations and data centers of TeliaSonera. The installations cover seven areas: access control, burglar alarm, fire detection, environmental monitoring, video surveillance, general system integration as well as energy management and PUE (power usage effectiveness).

This IoT systems solution helps keep Telia personal in control of the environment and of their assets at all times. The system includes climate monitoring, antifreeze, fire and leakage monitoring functions. The MultiSensor fuses all important physical sensors in one device and compact size makes for the easiest to deploy detection systems.

It is simply attached to the ceiling of the server room, and for great resolution under raised floors. Deploying several along with AXIS cameras provides full continuous remote coverage. The new  KMS-TI offers differential pressure monitoring, and the Thermal Imaging eye can detect hotspots in real time. The latest update added is people counting: passage, presence and density.

Alternate E Source worked with US based team to plan, install and commission several smart systems. This provided fast resolution to mitigate any risk to network equipment and performance monitoring data to the NOC. Facility insights and trends over time were utilized to make efficiency changes.

The doors have eyes

For access control, Alternate E Source packaged and installed the Kentix KXP IP Keypad solution which has been coupled and is responsible for the door control and access control. Data Center operators can switch the burglar alarm function for certain situations or automatically to arm or disarm. In addition to numeric control, card readers, fingerprint scanners combined with card readers are also installed. The outdoor area has IP cameras that record surveillance videos. This live video stream records everyone who enters the remote container. In case of alarm, the video material is used for review and reconstruction. All events are time stamped and logged and easy to read and understand. Via the facility network including a portal in the corporate design, all buildings can be called up at the various locations and those responsible can check the status of the existing systems – e. G. “Camera input”, “Climate”, “Router” etc.

Scaling through the years has offered Telia uncompromised visibility and insights into their vast remote infrastructure.

We are honored to be part of the expanding network success of this client and many others that are utilizing Alternate E Source IoT smart sensor solutions for remote management success of critical remote facilities.

Service Management improved

With the help of the new 360 degree concept, TeliaSonera has succeeded in significantly reducing operating costs, mainly due to its low maintenance performance. Furthermore, false alarms could be reduced by around 20 percent, which meant less labor input.

“With the new integrated system, we have created a solid foundation for new organizational measures and better reporting,” comments Rene Sommer, Infrastructure Planner, we can truly monitor and control our data centers. Thanks to Internet access, this also works via mobile devices. That means our administrators have everything under control even when they are not there. ”

Success and summary

The newly created 360 ° technical infrastructure monitoring concept brought together solutions from Alternate E Source utilizing smart sensors and Video together.  With this integrated solution, TeliaSonera International Carrier has holistic monitoring of environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, dew point, voltage, fire and burglary, as well as continuous video surveillance and access management. Thanks to the IP capability of all components, those responsible can now access the different access, alarm, climate, energy and video areas via the uniform facility portal and remotely control them if necessary.


Telai LogoAbout TeliaSonera International Carrier

The company is part of the TeliaSonera Group with around 28,000 employees and is an internationally operating provider of telecommunications services headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. TeliaSonera is an Tier 1 network provider providing network infrastructure and services to more than 1000 customers in 80 different countries. In 2013, the company was the second largest carrier worldwide.



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