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It is time -building owners need to consider improvements.


The Challenge for Clean Air

In 2021 The White House on Thursday launched the Clean Air in Buildings Challenge, a call to action aimed at improving indoor air quality.   The challenge asks government leaders and building owners and operators to assess their indoor air quality and improve ventilation and air filtration.

The White House in the same year; launched the Clean Air in Buildings Challenge, a call to action aimed at improving indoor air quality to make it harder for viruses or germs to spread.

The Environmental Protection Agency released a guide that includes a series of recommendations, including steps that can be taken immediately, and helpful links to resources with more information.

“While the recommended actions cannot completely eliminate risks, they will reduce them,” actions to improve ventilation, filtration and other proven air cleaning strategies can reduce the risk of exposure to particles, aerosols, and other contaminants, and improve indoor air quality and the health of building occupants.”

Updates from ASHRAE in 2023

The latest updates from ASHRAE in 2023, specifically in the ANSI/ASHRAE/IES Standard 90.1-2022, include significant changes that align with modern energy efficiency and environmental sustainability goals. These updates are particularly relevant for companies like Alternate E Source, which focuses on smart sensors for operational efficiency and risk mitigation. Key changes in the ASHRAE standard include:

Expanded Scope for Building Sites:

The standard now includes building sites in its scope, addressing aspects like exterior and parking lot lighting, and allowing onsite renewables to count as credits towards energy usage across the entire building project.

  • Minimum Prescriptive Requirement for On-site Renewable Energy: This reflects a broader shift toward renewable energy adoption.
  • Mechanical System Performance Path: An optional path allowing HVAC system efficiency tradeoffs based on the new total system performance ratio (TSPR) metric.
  • New Requirements Addressing Thermal Bridging: To reduce heat transfer inefficiencies in building construction.
  • New Energy Credit Requirements: Offering a customized approach to improving energy efficiency.
  • Informative Guidance for Alternative Performance Metrics: Including carbon emissions, site energy, or source energy, as opposed to the traditional energy cost metric.

Enhanced Efficiency Standards: Including significant efficiency increases in Integrated Energy Efficiency Ratio (IEER) for commercial rooftops and a new Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER2)/Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF2) metric for smaller air-cooled heat pumps.

These updates are designed to further reduce energy use and carbon emissions, aligning with modern sustainability and efficiency standards. For companies like Alternate E Source, these changes offer opportunities to serve through design, deployment and integration of smart sensor technologies into more energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable building designs​​.

Funding Available 

The American Rescue Plan, passed in March 2021 by Congress, included $350 billion for state and local governments and $122 billion for schools that could be used to improve ventilation and filtration in buildings. The Biden administration also discussed support of the initiative by working closely with state, local and tribal governments to provide guidance and technical assistance for improvements, building greater public awareness, and about the role that ventilation and filtration play in public safety.

Consultation Services and Rebate Assessments 

Our collaboration represents a significant step forward in promoting sustainable practices and operational efficiency. This partnership focuses on securing energy rebates from utilities, a key aspect of cost-saving and environmental stewardship.

Specializing in navigating the complex landscape of energy rebate programs, we are ensuring that our clients benefit from the most advantageous opportunities. By integrating our advanced technologies, along with our expertise in rebate acquisition, we offer a comprehensive solution that not only optimizes energy usage but also significantly reduces operational costs.

” The synergy aligns with our commitment to sustainability for our clients and provides a tangible financial incentive for businesses to adopt greener practices.” Tanja Lewit

Alternate E Source stands at the forefront of Smart Sensor technology, expertly crafted to bolster risk mitigation and enhance operational efficiency. Our affordable smart sensors are designed for streamlined remote management, positioning them as an ideal choice for enterprises. Our cutting-edge smart building sensors are engineered for seamless automation, promoting significant efficiency upgrades. With live video alerts, you can proactively manage physical security breaches, ensuring swift action to minimize downtime and prevent potential risks. Rely on our technology to protect and elevate your business operations.

Since 2014 we have pioneered providing simple-to-deploy building monitoring solutions, with a focus on turnkey services that adhere to the highest industry standards. Our smart sensors for environmental monitoring deliver real-time automation, ensuring immediate notification in case of security breaches.

Assessments and implementation

We specialize in conducting detailed DCEP-focused assessments and implement Uptime Institiute and IBM best practices for data centers. Our focus on HVAC and critical support equipment, extends our risk mitigation capabilities and services. Our proficiency in installing advanced air quality and thermal sensors, combined with our smart building automation technology, significantly enhances building efficiency and upgrades. Our thorough DCEP audits and scientific environmental assessments are geared towards effective risk mitigation, and we offer confidential remediation services remediation.

IOT Technology for Buildings and Equipment Spaces 

Our intelligent sensor and camera devices are expertly engineered to collect and store data on-board, effortlessly connecting to the internet and mobile devices for convenient access and monitoring. Alternate E Source’s smart sensors not only reduce costs and streamline operations but also offer live video monitoring to avert downtime and efficiently handle risk scenarios.

We offer a comprehensive ‘Before, During, and After’ monitoring approach, ensuring that HVAC systems are optimized, and new building improvements comply with regulations. Additionally, our detailed reports aid in securing state or federal funding. Contact us for an inspection, audit, and tailored solution recommendations to optimize your facility’s performance and compliance.”


DoE DCEP alternate e source  Alternate E Source provides compliance and risk mitigation





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